“I liked the inspirational stories and the mindset of always looking nice.”

“I was really motivated hearing the speakers’ background to really never stop being myself but to sharpen up a little bit. They really both boosted my confidence. I would reach out to both in the future.”

“I thought he was very polished and professional. He came prepared. He was very knowledgeable about his profession. You could tell it was like an art form to him. He was able to handle difficult questions adeptly. I really enjoyed his presentation.”

“The speaker stated…really important things that can help us land jobs. I enjoyed hearing his stories on how he landed jobs without even applying for them because of how he carried himself and his appearance.”

“They made good points about how you should always be dressed because you never know who’s watching. You dress differently for certain occasions. I like the stories about how Mr. Dean got both of his jobs based on his image because he didn’t let people’s comments change the way he dressed.”

“The information was really informative and helpful for dress for success.”

“They came very well prepared (PowerPoints, handouts, well dressed). They also gave great tips for being early in your career and still wanting to dress nice.”

“They were sharp and gave us really good insight. I definitely will use those tips they gave us on appearance.”

“I really enjoyed it; they answered all of our questions thoroughly.”

“They were very informative and helpful when it comes to professional dress. The PowerPoint was very well put together also.”


His mom said, "Can you teach my son how to tie a tie?" He reminded me.