A grandfather's words made a world of difference

Fredrick Dean learned at an early age that looks matter.

A South Carolina grandfather who was rarely seen without a suit once told his grandson, "Look sharp. And don't pay attention to anyone who teases you. You just look sharp in this life."  

An impressionable Fredrick Dean took his grandfather's words to heart, and despite a modest upbringing, find a sartorial pathway to corporate success, an international modeling career, and a remarkable life in which his grandfather's advice played a pivotal role. 

Today, in his post-corporate life, Fredrick is still actively modeling and acting. His style consultancy JusDean assists private clients ranging from politicians and executives to pro ballplayers and musicians, in a three-state area (typically by referral). Discretion is key: client names are not shared.

Fredrick's greatest passion is in speaking to groups - particularly high school and college students - and convincing them their entire life can change by "looking sharp."  When Fredrick shares his story, he holds listeners spellbound.  He has made a difference in many lives already.

Successful corporate exec in quality assurance, successful national model, public speaker and influencer of hard-to-reach American youth . . . Fredrick has achieved more than his grandfather or he ever dreamed possible, and all because he heeded that early advice to "Look sharp."