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Teisha Shelby-Houston (Lady T) - Communication Skills & Leadership Development


Teisha Shelby-Houston (Lady T) admits to living a life of waiting. Waiting for more money, waiting for the kids to get older, waiting to get better, waiting for… something. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000 she realized that a Waiting Life is a Wasted Life.

Today, Lady T purposely affects the lives of thousands of people throughout organizations and churches in the U.S. and the U.K. Her humorous, information-packed, motivational seminars for leaders and "Mompreneurs" are designed to provide practical takeaways empowering people to live a grander life. Her client list includes: Exxon Mobile, Kent State University, Church Without Walls (MI), and Clemson University, just to name a few. 

She has been an invited guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, the recipient of The Woman of Excellence Award and founded the only Women’s Empowerment Toastmasters club in the southeast. She is also a certified business coach and works exclusively with moms who have taken on the daunting task of entrepreneurship and motherhood. Her book Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire shares success strategies for women entrepreneurs. However, her biggest claim to fame is successfully homeschooling her 5 children for 22 years. 

Whether it’s a corporate event, spiritual retreat or a national conference, Lady T incorporates how-to tactics, stories and humor that empower attendees to Live Life on Purpose!

Teisha Shelby-Houston (Lady T)

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Teisha Shelby-Houston - Author, Speaker & Business Coach

Teisha Shelby-Houston - Author, Speaker & Business Coach