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Fredrick Dean - Wardrobe & Image

A native of Upstate South Carolina, Fredrick Dean has worked for a Fortune 500 Company and been in the modeling industry for over 20 years. His work experiences have been extensive in both industries, exposing him to the importance of presentation, appropriate attire, and character throughout the business and modeling communities.

As he grew with the Fortune 500 Company, so did his modeling and acting career. Fredrick’s modeling resume is extensive and diverse. He has had the fortune to be featured in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Golf Magazine; as well as commercials for BMW, Home Depot, Gulf Stream Jets, Slazenger Golf, Mission Hospital, South State Bank, and Gibbs Cancer Center. He has modeled in the fashion industry for companies such as LL Bean, Tommy Hilfiger, Hamrick’s, Belks, Oobe, and a host of other well-known brands. Fredrick is still actively modeling and acting. He is represented by a few agencies, Directions USA nationally, and Millie Lewis regionally. His exposure and relationships with experts in the modeling industry allowed him opportunities to master the art of tailoring clothes to the individual and dressing for the occasion.

Fredrick’s passion for clothing and desire to support others is how JusDean Wardrobe Consulting Services was established. Through his experience, both in business and modeling/acting, he has realized that some men and women find dressing for the occasion challenging and, although, some desire to improve their public image, they may not know where to begin. Fredrick's vast insight and knowledge guides his clients through the process of discovering their own classic and timeless style. He has assisted a variety of male and female clients over the years, ranging from professional athletes, politicians, CEOs and the VIPs they refer. His ability to delve deeper than simple wardrobe selections, by educating on character and class refinement throughout the process, define his one of a kind, exclusive services.

Fredrick Dean

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Fredrick Dean - Wardrobe  & Image Consultant

Fredrick Dean - Wardrobe  & Image Consultant